Case study: Neptune

Shaping a pivitol team to cultivate a customer first culture

Idea in brief

The Challenge

Neptune needed an outside perspective to bring focus to its marketing team at a time of expansive growth

The Outcome

Map of customer touch points across the full marketing funnel, a report articulating the challenges facing the marketing team and a proposal for new hires and restructuring.

Neptune is one of those companies which fill you with entrepreneurial spirit. A journey which started with a hammock sewn on the founders’ kitchen table has seen the company become a sensational success in the furniture and home decor sector.

The cofounder, John Sims Hilditch, is a key proponent of putting the Neptune customer at the centre of everything the company does. In this way, Neptune is the very essence of a design-led business.

We were brought on at a time of rapid development for Neptune. It had just won the HSBC Global Connections award for SME of the year and was beginning to expand its network of stores across the UK and Europe. The marketing team faced new challenges as the company ramped up its transformation from a furniture wholesaler to a sought after lifestyle brand.

To help articulate the challenges facing the marketing team, we ran a customer journey sprint as well as a tailored series of workshops to shed light on the obstacles they faced in delivering the company strategy. This led to an in-depth investigation of customer touch points across the marketing funnel to outline the key messages and resources needed to deliver the brand vision.


  • Customer Journey Sprint
  • Tailored Consulting